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Top Things to Know About Elder Abuse

As one grows older and keeps using the level of independence, remaining free takes a lot of bravery. Older people often lose mobility, friends, health, and even their loved ones. Some elders even experience abuse by their families, and it is helpful to get such from the people that one trusts. One should know how to guard against it so that if they notice any form of abuse, they know what to do to be free from it.

Elder abuse by family members can happen to anyone. Millions of older people experience abuse from their families. Statistics have it that one out of six older people faces some form of abuse by their loved ones. In most cases, the abuse will go unreported. The highest percentage of elder abuse cases are carried out by family members, at home, or in institutions where they are living at the time, approximated at 90%. Half of these cases of abuse are carried out by the adult children of these older people.

Elder abuse harms multiple aspects of older adults. Elder abuse can harm people physically, psychologically, sexually, or financially. It can also be done through active or passive neglect. It is not surprising to hear that older people have died due to the abuse that they are experiencing. Many people who experience elder abuse are subjected to more than one kind of abuse, such that they will be experiencing difficulty in different aspects of their lives as long as they remain without accessing help.

Most victims of elder abuse are weak, and they require help. However, not many of them are willing to speak up about the abuse because it relates to the people they trust, and they would not expect abuse from them. Others are simply unable to speak up about the abuse due to their frailty oral since they don’t know who to talk to concerning the abuse. In any case, government agencies, lawyers, police, politicians, and caregivers do not have as much of the knowledge that will be needed so that they can be of help to people experiencing elder abuse by their families. This puts the older adults who are experiencing abuse to be in a tricky spot because even though they may speak up to people they have access to, they may not get any help to get them out of the situation.

The laws and protections available are also inadequate in hindering elder abuse since, even though they are existent, elder abuse is still happening, and it is happening in high numbers. Studies in this area are also quite minimal, and there is not so much talk about the subject in society in general. Stopping abuse, therefore, is quite tricky, unless time and money are spent on court action to get rid of what is happening. The good news is that if the right steps are taken, elder abuse can be prevented. Everyone should participate in any course that helps recognize, expose, and help stop and prevent elder abuse.

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